Enhancing Leadership Influence, Collaboration and Impact

Inspiring Leadership

Many of us become a leader based on our business knowledge, skills and expertise.
However, 80% of being a successful leader depends upon our emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.

To be an effective leader and inspire others towards a common vision, you need to know when to lead and when to manage…and the wisdom to know the difference.

Leadership Development

The Change Collective team will engage you in emotional intelligence and personality assessments, individual coaching and a series of interactive learning experiences to enhance your influence and effectiveness as an inspiring leader.

Sessions may vary from half day training, to a fully developed leadership course touching on the essentials skills for effective leaders.


Current and aspiring leaders


Leadership assessment, development and coaching


To unleash your true potential as a leader and in turn, inspire others to be and bring their best.

Leadership is a series of behaviours

rather than a role for heroes.

Margaret J. Wheatley

Author, management consultant, and leadership expert

Leadership is not a person or a position.

It is a complex moral relationship between people

based on trust, obligation, commitment, emotion,

and a shared vision of the good.

Joanne B. Ciulla

Author and professor in ethics and leadership

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