Connecting and Supporting Teams, Individuals and Communities: A Relational Approach

Bite-sized online learning sessions

Introducing the Check-in Evolution: a method to access the potential of transformation during times of change and chaos.

We have all experienced the many challenges that come into our organizations, communities, teams and lives when chaos is present. Yet, how many of us choose to sit deliberately and meaningfully in the fire as the pathway to authentic transformation born through the chaos itself? With Lewis Deep Democracy we recognise that transformation occurs when there is chaos. Through the Check-in Evolution, we offer you a way to tap into the inherent gift of adversity and transform your connection to others. 

The LDD Check-in methodology creates a safe space for people to share, to release tension, to be listened to, to gain support, feel connected and an opportunity to broaden perspectives and learn from one another. The check-in method also supports the hosting of a space where voices that are often pushed to the margins can be heard.

Based on established psychological theory, it is deceptively simple, powerful and easy to learn. It has been applied effectively in a range of different settings over the last 20 years. The training and accreditation will take place via online learning. Accredited facilitators will be licensed under LDD and receive ongoing supervision providing crucial support and quality control. 

This course is open to newcomers, who will receive in-depth training specific to the Check-in Evolution. People who have attended an LDD Level 1 or CoResolve course will have a refresher and additional Check-in Evolution training. 

Join the evolution wave. Help unleash and spread transformation through being part of the LDD international network of facilitators and create spaces of care, compassion, connection, awareness and hope. 


Formal and Informal Leaders. Facilitators & Community Members.


A Virtual Course for you and your team comprised of 3 90-minute experiential online learning sessions with action and reflection periods in between, includes additional coaching, certification and continued support. 

Cost $225 CAN +GST


To support and connect people in meaningful and relational ways during change, chaos and transformation. 

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