Creating Effective Conversations

“Facile”… to Make Easy

Put simply, a good facilitator is able to design conversations among people with different perspectives. The role of the facilitator is to make it easy and safe for people to toil in issues and challenges that affect them and co-create solutions that respect different perspectives and provide durable solutions.

Group Facilitation

We design processes varying in half-day to two-days to enable interactive dialogue in a safe structured environment.

We are your partner in designing the perfect process to enable the team to use their knowledge and expertise to discover new solutions not realized before.


Teams, organizations, communities.


Facilitated dialogue leading to greater discovery and solutions.


To build upon the knowledge, skills and expertise of the group in a way all voices are heard.

We cannot teach people anything;

we can only help them to discover it within themselves

Galileo Galilei

Good questions inform,

great questions transform

Ken Coleman

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