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The Iceberg of Team Dynamics

Much of what happens in a group is invisible to leaders and facilitators. Similar to an iceberg, there is an unseen world of group dynamics that happens “below the water line” – where insights, ideas and points of view are consciously or unconsciously not being said, creating tension, conflict and barriers to accomplishing collective goals.

In this course we help you find ways to “go fishing below the waterline” to surface tensions and unleash your team’s true potential.

In-Person or Virtual Training

This workshop provides an introduction to the concept of Deep Democracy, a powerful yet simple methodology and practice for strengthening individuals, teams and organizations. This course offers innovative facilitation tools and techniques while exploring the psychological underpinnings of the method.


Leaders and Facilitators


An In-Person or Virtual Course for you and your team.


To strengthen your team’s resilience and performance.

Within the chaos of change there is space for transformation.

Myrna LewisCo-Founder of Lewis Deep Democracy

The larger goal of Deep Democracy is not me changing you and you changing me, but we learning how to relate.

Arnold MindelPsychologist and Founder of Process Work
The CoResolve Course


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