Change Collective

Loosely Coupled. Tightly Bound.

Supporting growth and improvement

We are committed to supporting growth and improvement across a wide range of industries and sectors, with a focus on health, social care, and education.

The Change Collective provides access to a wide array of skills and expertise that can be customized to meet unique needs. Each member demonstrates success and expertise within their field, and through professional development and collaboration, continues to expand their capabilities.

We will be:


We engage in co-design and co-production as mutual partners to achieve desired outcomes.


We foster new ways of thinking, speaking, and behaving by boldly challenging the status quo.


Our experiential approach is fuelled by inquiry, reflective learning, and the desire for continuous improvement.


We hold ourselves accountable for our actions, development, and improvement, guided by integrity, respect, and empathy for all people.

Our approach to our work and our clients

The Change Collective members are skilled experts from varied backgrounds with multiple years of experience assisting organizations, teams and individuals in their learning and improvement journeys. We have chosen to work together as a cooperative to better serve our clients in three unique ways:

  1. A Collaborative Consulting Model that enables us to match the right consultant/team, with the right skills, at the right time, to the right project.
  2. Our “Change Collective Community of Practice” that leverages the expertise and wisdom of all members to support both our individual and collaborative projects. 
  3. A commitment to shared learning and professional development opportunities to ensure our approach to this complex and challenging work remains cutting edge and aligned with advances in each of our respective areas of expertise.  

The members of the Change Collective each make a commitment to the organizations and people we work with to grow, evolve, improve, and learn new ways to advance our work while unlearning ways that prevent us from achieving success. Through our authentic, responsive, and innovative approach to our work we help our clients achieve outstanding results.

The Change Collective is comprised of genuinely gifted minds

Taylor Bassingthwaite

Taylor Bassingthwaite she/her/hers/they/them
I believe good process gets great outcomes. I support working in a way where human rights are respected, and equity and inclusion is simply the way of doing business, embedded in all areas of the change-making process.

I believe relationship and trust are the most crucial elements for improvement. I serve at all systems levels and bring a feminist perspective.Much of my experience comes from Northern and remote areas, specifically within Indigenous communities and organizations, always with a focus to the Foundational Principles and Calls to Action within our Truth and Reconciliation, principally Reconciliation as Relationship. Genuine connection matters to me and I believe makes all the difference.

Mary Smillie

Mary Smillie BScN, MSc, IHI
Mary believes human service organizations must continuously strengthen the match between the services offered and people’s needs. Mary is an Improvement Advisor that is passionate about aligning needs with services. Her approach is to engage users and providers in shining a light on the design and values underpinning organizational performance.

Mary brings abundant life and work experiences to every engagement with people who want to lead and succeed at organizational change.

Gwen Dueck

Guided by a spirit of inquiry, Gwen applies her experience, knowledge and skills to interactive and engaging processes for management and boards to improve organizational performance, board governance and/or management/administrative success. Tailored processes are developed for working with boards and management in developing successful governance practices, strategic thinking and planning, process facilitation, multi-stakeholder engagement, and policy and program development.
Laura Soparlo Change Collective

Laura Soparlo

Laura Soparlo BScN, MBA
Laura is an organization development and consultant. She is sought after by many organizations for her expertise in strategy, governance and leadership. In the last number of years, she has led over 100 organizations and groups through challenging organizational transformation across Canada.

Laura fosters open dialogue through a structured processes tailored to the unique needs of her clients, which results in clarity of purpose, goals and measurable outcomes.

Emmanuelle Morin

Curiosity, fearlessness and unapologetic indiscretion for the status quo has led Emmanuelle to embrace a lifetime of seeking opportunities for change and connectedness.

Emmanuelle works to support companies, organizations and teams to evolve their own people and processes toward greatness. Drawing from two decades of work in health care, including nine years with the Canadian Medical Association, Emmanuelle combines her skills and passions to effectively support health care transformation.

Christina Southey

Everyone is capable and no problem is immovable. Hope and optimism are the underpinning values which guide Christina to pursue improvement. Working within healthcare brings amazing opportunities to see the impact that can be made. Over the past decade she has supported numerous projects in the primary and community care realm.

Above all, Christina’s true love is teaching. The privilege of supporting professionals to learn a new way of approaching a problem, or refine their skills, is one she holds dear. Next time you see her ask about her run chart cape...

Tim Nickel

Timothy Nickel

Over 20 years of work in mediation and conflict management have helped Tim hone his ability to facilitate intense and high quality thinking in groups. While a generalist and experienced in a wide range of fields, he has focused on multi-stakeholder engagement in Agriculture, Environment, Ag Biotech, Water Issues and Municipal Government. Tim has conducted organizational assessments for post secondary educational institutions, construction companies, non-profits, and others.
Kath Stevenson

Kath Stevenson

Kath Stevenson, BA (hons), BScPT, MSc, PhD (candidate)
Kath has always had broad interests and a passion for learning - working in the field of quality improvement provides an outlet for both. An eclectic pragmatist, with experience in a wide variety of improvement and change approaches, she loves weaving together appropriate methodologies to best meet the challenge or problem.

The tension and synergy between relational and technical approaches to change fascinates her and she aims to support individuals to understand that system transformation is about individual transformation.

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